Virginia-Morning Sky, born in San Bernardino, California, in 1950, now resides in Yucaipa, California with her husband, Andy, and their three dogs. As a mother of two daughters and grandmother to three grandchildren, she enjoys spending time with her family. Virginia-Morning Sky practices the gift of healing through her work as a massage therapist, Reiki Master / Practitioner, teacher and spiritual guide to those spirits stuck between worlds.

Virginia-Morning Sky began her healing work at the age of three with "laying on of hands," a practice of the church her family attended. At the age of seven, she remembers committing herself to serving God.

Raised in a fundamentalist church, Virginia-Morning Sky developed her gift of healing, a deep love for Jesus, and the desire to serve others. As an adult, she converted to Catholicism (1982), which allowed her the close relationship with the Mother--the feminine aspect of God. While attending the Catholic Church, she taught religious classes for 14 years, served as an Eucharistic Minister, and trained and served as a Stephen Minister (a non-denominational ministry reaching out to those needing a listening ear without judgment).
Seeking a closer relationship with Creator, Virginia-Morning Sky began taking meditation and spiritual development classes (1994)--finding acceptance of all paths which lead to God.

The desire to serve others has led Virginia-Morning Sky to seek initiation into Reiki healing (1994), and to train as a massage therapist (1996).

In 1998, Virginia-Morning Sky began her service as a spiritual guide to earthbound spirits (ghosts). With the love, guidance and support of Jesus, the Mother, angels and many others in service to the light, she has witnessed thousands of stuck souls moving forward on their journey home. She shares some of these experiences  in her book,
"A Voice Loud as Thunder."

Virginia-Morning Sky offers her services to those experiencing paranormal activities. She will assist these spirits with love, honor, prayer and truth--allowing them the opportunity to move forward into the light.

While the journey of life has not always been easy, Virginia-Morning Sky is optimistic. The "morning sky" brings a new day--a fresh beginning--not only for herself, but for all life.

You can reach Virginia by email at"
or by phone  (951) 233-8108
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Spiritual Guide to Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts)
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Virginia-Morning Sky has studied with Anita Burns at Metastudies Institute